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Renesas Electronics Corporation

R-IN32M3 Series Communication LSI for CC-Link

"R-IN32M3 series" is industrial communication LSI that is able to develop the CC-Link slave unit easily.
CC-Link slave units can be developed, regardless of the communication protocol.


  • Providing the stable control with low fluctuation and low consumption operation by Real-time OS Accelerator.
  • Providing the High-speed, large-capacity and low consumption communication by Ethernet Accelerator.
  • Implementing the aplication by built-in ARM Cortex-M3 and large-size memory.
  • Implementing Ethernet 2 port and various peripheral circuit (Timet, Watchdog Timer, CAN, UART, CSI, I2C).
  • Supporting various Field-bus protocols and industrial Ethernet protocols via protocol stack provided by protocol vender.
  • Providing the ARM developmet environment, evaluation board, sample software and sample driver as development tools
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied
CC-Link version Ver.2.00 / 1.10
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