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CC-Link partner product information



CCL-GW CC-Link<->Serial Gateway Module

CC-Link<-> RS-232C/TTL to connect communication gateway module


  • serial communication having-within unit on the side of the user to communicate with CC-Link.
  • Because it is implemented, being average, TTL/RS-232C can be connected with the microcomputer, USB, RS and so on -422/485.
    Note 1) The RS-422/485 option board.
  • USB, RS-422/485, EtherNet and the communication are possible in marketing level change unit / cable use of it.
  • t is possible to 5 V supply from outside.
  • 1 to 4 station select.
  • The outside power supply input part and the inner circuit are isoration.
  • Customize compatible of the firmware ( Not free )
  • The internal processing time is only 2 ms.
  • The I/O port
    It is selectable every 8 port TTL level input output bit.
  • DC24V±10% (I=50mA max)
  • The I/F connector
    RS-232 connector D-sub9S ( female )x1
    TTL,I/O connector IL-G-12P×1
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 1 to 4 station
CC-Link version Ver.1.1
External dimensions 116(W)×18(H)×56(D) mm
Mass 85g
Standard Price


  • name : YOSIO Electronic Company
    phone : 042-471-2587
    e-mail : info@yosio.co.jp
    other :