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CC-Link partner product information


Advanet Inc.

VMEbus CC-Link communication slave board Advme1569A

Advme1569A is a slave board of VME bus for the communication of CC-Link (Control & Communication Link).
This board acts as a local station or master station of CC-Link.


  • It is possible to incorporate CC-Link system to the VME bus interface system.
  • I can be updated quickly and easily and numeric data ON / OFF information of input and output that another station is responsible for.
  • You can read the monitor information on CC-Link.
  • Supports. CC-Link Ver 2.00
  • VME CC-Link board configuration VME carrier board (below the main board) CC-Link in daughter board (following sub-board).
    CC-Link up to 3ch by changing the number of the sub-board
    It can be equipped with an interface.
Station type Master station, local station
Number of stations occupied
CC-Link version Ver. 2.00
External dimensions VME6U size 1 slot width
Mass 440g (When mounted three sub-board)
Standard Price Please contact us


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