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The step-out-less stepping motor module αSTEP ARLseries

The step-out-less stepping motor module αSTEP ARLseries has supported the CC-Link.
This module is a positioning function built-in type, which allows positioning control directly from the CC-Link.


  • Stepping motor which does not step out even with a drastic load change or rapid acceleration
  • Low-vibration operation can be performed at low speed for adoption of the micro step technology.
  • A highly effective motor is adopted, and power consumption is suppressed more greatly than old goods.
  • Sending positioning data and speed data, operation command and operation monitoring can be performed via the CC-Link.
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 1 station/2 stations
CC-Link version Ver.1.10
External dimensions
Standard Price お問い合わせください


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