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CC-Link partner product information


Sekisui Jushi Cap-Ai System Co.,Ltd.

Contoller for CC-Link / ACC10161

The controller for CC-Link can cotrol Pick-to-Light system by a sequenser.


  • In the same system it can control other systems that are for CC-Link.
  • It can be controlled by standard processes because it is for CC-Link.
  • It can realize easily coupling of some type of equipments that are controlled by a sequenser.
  • It can be valid for "Ver.2.0 Extensive Cyclic".
  • It can be connected to the maximum 24 quantities of digital devices and also to revoling lights.
Station type Remote Device Channel
Number of stations occupied 1, 2, 3,and 4 channel
Protocol version Ver.1.10 Ver2.00
External dimensions 241×60×132 [mm]
Mass About 1.0 [kg]
Standard Price


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