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CC-Link partner product information

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A&D Co., Ltd.

AD-8923-CC Remote Controller(CC-Link)

Easily create a production line weighing system by connecting AD-4212C weighing sensors. With A&D weighing instruments (balances and scales), it is possible to transmit weighing data with CC-Link.


  • A production line weighing system can easily be created by connecting AD-4212C weighing sensors (CC-Link connection).
  • When A&D weighing instruments (electronic balances and scales) are connected, it is possible to transmit weighing data with CC-Link.
  • The green LED provides an easy-to-see display.
  • Because of its compact size, it can be installed in a line using a small amount of space.
  • The power source supports AC and DC (DC 24V) input using a dedicated adapter.
  • With one master, up to 42 weighing instruments can be connected.
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 1 stations
Protocol version Ver.1.10
External dimensions W144×H72×D110[mm]
Mass Approx. 0.6kg
Standard Price


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    Product details: http://www.aandd.jp/products/weighing/balance/ad4212/ad4212c.html