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CC-Link|Slave|Inverter・Servo systems

Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

General-purpose Inverter: WJ200 Series

Pursuit of industry-leading levels of performance and ease of use. A compact size high performance inverter that satisfies various needs.


  • Pursuit of industry-leading levels of performance: Performance is greatly enhanced by installing a simple positioning control (when feedback signal is used) and induction motor & permanent magnetic motor control (corresponds more than Ver. 2.0).
  • Pursuit of ease of use: Ease of use is considered by installing an easy sequence (EzSQ) programming function and a safe stop function, and adopting screw-less terminals (control circuit terminals).
  • Ease of maintenance: Maintenance is also focused by realizing design life of 10 years and installing a life time warning function.
  • Environmental friendliness: Only Hitachi provides standard varnish coating of internal PC board. (The low-pressure area are excluded.)
  • External ports: Connectors which connect WJ-CCL (option for CC-Link), USB (Mini-B type), and RS422 (RJ45 type) are standard.
  • Various versatile functions: Other functions, such as dual rating and output monitoring (2 terminals), are provided.
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