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Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

General-purpose Inverter: SJ700 Series

The line-up is greatly expanded according to purposes and applications! This user-friendly design inverter is easy, powerful and high-performance, while taking environment into account.


  • More powerful! Powerful operation with high starting torque of 200% or greater at 0.3 Hz! Smooth operation realized with simple adjustment.
  • Programming function! Simple sequence operation is realized by downloading the program to an inverter! Upper devices can be simplified!
  • Cost reduction is realized with built-in external circuit! With built-in noise filter and regenerative braking circuit (up to 22 kW), space and cost reduction are realized.
  • Design lifetime of 10 years is realized! Maintenance is easy! From maintenance to replacing the existing models can be done easily by long life time components and lifetime warning function.
  • Environmental friendly! Strong! A global product conforms to EU RoHS Directives. Vanish coating for internal board and plating on copper bars are standard.
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