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RL64E-366CL-000 Base amplifier of Remote Link System for CC-Link

RL64 transmits 64+32 bi-directional signals between a movable side and a fixed side inductively and connects them to CC-Link.


  • RL64 transmits 64 input signals from detection switches and 32 output signals to solenoid valves at one time inductively.
  • RL64 supplies 24V DC/max.2A power to the moving part inductively at the same time to perform signal transmission.
  • Since the wiring between a moving side and fixed side is not necessary, it is not only wiring-saving but also work-time-saving.
  • The signal transmission and the power feeding are performed just to let heads of a fixed side and the moving side face.
  • Distance between two heads is 4…9mm. Even if there is a glass or a resinous partition, the transmission has no problem.
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 3 Stations
Protocol version Ver.1.10
External dimensions W35×H200×D100 mm
Mass 0.57 kg
Standard Price 80,000円


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