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Magnescale Co., Ltd.

Measuring System MG40 Series

Network measurement system for high-speed communication,multi-axis measurements, and data management.


  • Its standard CC-Link or Ethernet interface, enables you to process and store remote data via your existing LAN.
  • Lowers overall costs by reducing the number of peripheral devices and wiring connections while improving reliability.
  • The system performs error detection on all communication lines to ensure excellent reliability.
  • Ideal for measurement systems used in large-scale manufacturing facilities.
  • Configures itself automatically for different models, resolutions, and measurement lengths without any initial setup operation.
  • Also to provide real-time trend analyses based on actual measurements taken on the production line.
Station type Remote device station
Number of stations occupied 4 stations occupied
Protocol version Ver.1.1
External dimensions W43 × H155 × D69 [mm]
Mass MG41:300g MG42:250g
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