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Conformance Test

All of the CC-Link Family certified products sold by partner-manufacturers have passed conformance tests to ensure compatibility.

Conformance test objectives

  • The CC-Link Partner Association conducts conformance tests on all certified products based on the specifications defined by CLPA to ensure that the products fulfill the communication specifications and connectivity.
  • Test tools are available for CC-Link IE Field Netwolk Basic and SLMP.


  • Ensures the communication reliability of the product.
  • Enables flexible system configuration by ensuring interoperability across manufacturers and models.
test items
  • ・Hardware test
  • ・Software test
  • ・Profile description (CSP+) confirmation
  • ・Aging test

* Please refer to the applicable Conformance Test Specifications for details (members only).

Test cases
Power supply noise test (AC/DC)
Power supply noise test (AC/DC)
Communication line noise test
Communication line noise test
Aging test
Aging test
Test items and divisions of responsibility

Test items include items to be performed by the partner manufacturer in advance and items to be performed by CLPA. Some items are tested by both the partner manufacturer and CLPA.
All test items at the partner manufacturer must be passed before testing at CLPA.

  • The conformance test is intended to assure that the product meets CC-Link IE TSN communication specifications, and not intended for device-specific functions.
  • Passing the conformance test does not mean that the performance or quality of the product itself are guaranteed.
  • Recommended wiring parts test can be applied to Ethernet Switches, cables, connectors, etc.

Workflow for conformance testing

CC-Link Conformance Test Regulation

Available for download to Regular members, Executive members, and Board members.

Conformance Test Fee

"CLPA Membership" and "Rights and Fees by Membership Category"

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