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  3. Further global acceptance expected as CC-Link open automation network technologies achieve further Asian standards certifications


News Release

Further global acceptance expected as CC-Link open automation network technologies achieve further Asian standards certifications

May 2013 saw further CC-Link open network technologies achieve certification for Japanese and Chinese national standards, in addition to semiconductor industry certifications.
The standards are those of the world's second and third largest economies, plus one of the world's leading industries, and their influence is expected to accelerate the global acceptance of the CC-Link open network technologies. The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA, Chairman: Emeritus Professor Takashi Sekiguchi of Yokohama National University, Board of directors: IDEC Corporation, Digital Electronics Corporation, NEC Corporation, Sumitomo 3M Limited, Cognex K.K., Shanghai Electric Ryoden Energy Saving and Control Technology Co., Ltd., and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation), was responsible for the successful management of the certification process.

The new certifications are:

  • 1.Chinese National Standards "GB/Z" (CC-Link Safety)
  • 2.Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) (CC-Link)
  • 3.Semiconductor Industry Standard "SEMI E54" (CC-Link IE Field)

Chinese National Standards "GB/Z" approval

In early May 2013, "CC-Link Safety", the safety communication function of CC-Link, was certified as meeting the National Guiding Technical Documents "GB/Z" by the Standardization Administration of China (SAC). This is the second Chinese certification received by CC-Link technologies following the "GB/T" (voluntary standards) approval of CC-Link received in December, 2005.

In China, industries such as automotive, semiconductor, and liquid crystal displays have increasingly been demanding improvements in safety. We believe that CC-Link Safety being certified to meet the national standards ahead of all other types of industrial networks will lead to increased adoption of CC-Link and CC-Link Safety. Both CLPA partners and end users of CC-Link expect that the GB/Z-approval will further increase their business in China.

About the "GB" Chinese National Standards
The Chinese National Standards (Guojia Biaozhun Standards, commonly called the GB Standards) were established as technical requirements that must be met in order to develop the Chinese economy and technology. Under the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ), the Standardization Administration of China undertakes the publication and management of the standard. The standards include the National Guiding Technical Documents "GB/Z", provided for businesses in related industries, and the voluntary standards "GB/T".

Prior to receiving the GB/Z approval, CLPA held a ceremony on May 8th, 2013 to celebrate the accomplishment. The ceremony received many visits from Chinese officials including those from SAC and other parties concerned, and was greatly celebrated.

Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) approval

In early May 2013, CC-Link was certified as meeting the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee. Although CC-Link has already been a de facto standard network in Japan for some time, the approval from JIS is expected to secure its position further.
The fact that CC-Link was certified to meet these standards will make it known within Japan that CC-Link complies with IEC 61158, an international field bus standard, and is expected to further accelerate the adoption of CC-Link.

About JIS
Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) are national standards created by the authority of the Industrial Standardization Act that aim to foster industrial standardization in Japan. The standardization process is coordinated by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee.

SEMI standard "SEMI E54" approval

In late May 2013, the field level industrial Ethernet network "CC-Link IE Field" was certified to meet the standard "SEMI E54" by the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), the global semiconductor industry association. Although CC-Link has already achieved a de facto standard position in the field of liquid crystal manufacturing equipment, CLPA expects the approval from SEMI will further stimulate the adoption of CC-Link IE Field not only in Japan but on a global scale.

About SEMI Standards
The SEMI Standards are industrial standards defined by SEMI which consists of business members producing manufacturing equipment and materials for semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, and solar cells. SEMI E54 is one of the standards that defines the the network communication protocols used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. In 2001, CC-Link became the first CC-Link technology to comply with the SEMI E54 Standards.

The standards that the CC-Link family has been certified to meet so far

SEMI standards SEMI E54.12: CC-Link (2001)
(New) SEMI E54.23-0513: CC-Link IE Field (May 2013)
Japanese Industrial Standards: JIS (New) TR B0031: CC-Link (May 2013)
Chinese National Standards: GB GB/Z 19760-2005: CC-Link (December 2005)
GB/T 19760-2008: CC-Link (June 2009)
(New) GB/Z 29496.1.2.3-2013: CC-Link Safety (June 2013)
International standards: ISO ISO 15745-5: CC-Link (January 2007)
International standards: IEC IEC 61158: CC-Link (December 2007)
IEC 61784: CC-Link (December 2007)
Korean Industrial Standards: KS KBS ISO 15745-5: CC-Link (March 2008)
Taiwanese standards: CNS CNS 15252X6068: CC-Link (May 2009)