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News Release

CSP+ Development Promotion Campaign

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) has added CSP+ test items to the conformance test specifications document following the new publication of CC-Link Family System Profile (CSP+) specifications.

About CSP+

Therefore it will be necessary for vendors who develop CC-Link Family-compatible products to develop CSP+ files. However, CSP+ development and conformance tests are optional to vendors in the case of certified products.
The conformance test fees for CSP+ only are waived for vendors with certified products. The CLPA is also conducting the campaign described below to further promotion of CSP+ development.

Campaign Period

October 1,2013 (Tue.) – March 31,2014 (Mon.)

Campaign Benefits

  • 1.All members will be given GX Works2 (SW1DNC-GXW2-J) engineering software from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. *1
  • 2.NEC "Life Touch B" tablets will be given to five vendors chosen by drawing. *2
  • *1.The offer includes one (1) license per developer vendor, regardless of the number of compatible products.
  • *2.Developer vendors who have completed CSP+ development and conformance tests are eligible.

Campaign Participation Requirements

Vendors who meet both conditions (1) and (2) below during the campaign period are eligible to participate.

  • 1.Vendors must have already developed CC-Link Family-compatible products but not yet developed them for CSP+
  • 2.Vendors must apply for CSP+ conformance tests during the campaign period *1
  • *1.As a rule, please complete development and conformance test within two months of applying for the conformance test.

How to Apply

Download the file "Request for CSP+ File Conformance Test of Previously Certified Product" from the member page of the CLPA web site, fill in the required items and return to the CLPA during the campaign period.


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