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Release of CSP+, a description language specification for the description of device profiles
Integration of Engineering Tools and Manual-less and Program-less Operation Release of CSP+ description language specification for the description of device profiles

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA; Chairman, Takashi Sekiguchi, Professor Emeritus, Yokohama National University; Board of Directors: IDEC Corporation, 3M Company, Cognex Corporation, Digital Electronics Corporation, NEC Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation) has announced the release of CSP+, a description language for the description of device profiles, for the open field network CC-Link which it promotes.


The CC-Link Family System Profile (CSP+) is a specification which describes the data necessary for the set-up, operation and maintenance of CC-Link Family-compatible devices. Previously, CC-Link System Profile (CSP) was used for the description of this information for products connecting via CC-Link. However, since the CSP specification was formulated, the necessity for a profile specification offering a higher level of descriptivity has increased for the reasons listed below.

  • 1.Increased complexity of functions
    Previously, most devices were single-function with few settings, but the number of high-performance devices capable of employing complex settings and control has recently increased.
  • 2.Diversification of the applications of engineering tools
    The uses of engineering tools have diversified to encompass applications including diagnostics and energy management in addition to device input and output and parameter-setting.
  • 3.Diversification of networks
    The number of protocols for the connection of various devices to networks has increased, with CC-Link IE Field Network, SLMP, etc. making their appearance in addition to CC-Link.

Against this background, CSP+ has been newly defined as a profile specification for CC-Link Family-compatible devices.

Features of CSP+

  • 1.Merits for developer vendors
  • (1)Integration of engineering tool environments
    By creating a CSP+ file for a developed product, there is no need for developer vendors of CC-Link Family-compatible products to create individual engineering tools. In addition, the formulation of profile descriptions tailored to applications such as diagnostics and energy management enables the engineering tool to display a dedicated screen for the specialized layout for each application.
  • (2)Integration of profile specifications
    Using CSP+, developer vendors of CC-Link Family-compatible products are able to use the same format for profile descriptions for products that connect using different communications profiles that are members of the CC-Link Family, such as CC-Link and CC-Link IE Field.
  • (3)Use of XML format
    Because the descriptions in CSP+ files are in XML format, a general-purpose XML description library can be used. This makes it possible for developer vendors to reduce the person-hours involved in profile development.
  • 2.Merits for users
  • (1)Compatibility with multiple languages
    Because it is assumed that CSP+ will be used throughout the world, it can be made compatible with multiple languages. When a developer vendor creates a CSP+ file which is compatible with multiple languages, users in different countries are able to use it in their own language.
  • (2)Assured quality, certified by conformance tests
    Because the CLPA has established CSP+ settings based on conformance tests, users can employ the specification with a sense of security. CSP+ files submitted by vendors can be downloaded from the CLPA homepage or the homepages of developer vendors of CC-Link Family-compatible products.
  • (3)Manual-less
    The fact that memory maps, address designations, etc. are described in the CSP+ file enables manual-less programming and monitoring. In addition, parameter-setting programs can be omitted.
  • (4)Centralized management using the same engineering tool
    The fact that the CSP+ file is incorporated into the engineering tool at set-up, operation, or maintenance of a unit means that all units connected to the CC-Link Family can be managed from the same engineering tool.

CSP+ operating method

The operating method for CSP+ is as follows.

  • (1)Using the CSP+ profile creation support tool, the developer vendor creates a profile for a CC-Link Family-compatible product.
  • (2)When this file has been created, the CLPA conducts a conformance test, and files that are certified as conforming are published on the CLPA homepage.
  • (3)The user downloads the CSP+ file describing a profile for a device connecting via the CC-Link Protocol Family which has been created by the developer vendor of CC-Link Family-compatible products from the CLPA homepage or the developer vendor’s homepage.
  • (4)The user purchases an engineering tool able to use CSP+ files, imports the CSP+ file for the device that was downloaded in Step 3, and incorporates the device in the network.
Method of use (1) Creation of profile (2) Conformance test (3) Publication (4) Use
Concerned members
  • CC-Link Family
  • Developer vendor
  • CLPA
  • CC-Link Family
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  • CLPA
  • CC-Link user

Future schedule

  Details Period
1 Publication of CSP+ specifications sheet by CLPA April 13, 2012
2 Publication of CSP+ File Creation Support Tool for developer vendors on CLPA homepage Summer 2012
3 Publication of CSP+ files describing profiles for devices connecting via the CC-Link Protocol Family created by developer vendors of CC-Link Family-compatible products From summer 2012, as applicable

We are confident that by making available an open-format profile specification with higher descriptivity by these means, we will be able to provide strong backup to all of our members against a background of the increasing diversification of needs in relation to network technologies.
The CC-Link Partner Association will continue into the future to spare no effort in realizing the more widespread use of CC-Link throughout the world in order to contribute to technological innovation in the FA field.

Apr 13, 2012
CC-Link Partner Association

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