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About CLPA


Through global promotional activities for CC-Link and CC-Link IE, we increase the business opportunites for our partners and users.

Under the motto "CC-Link, the open field network, will become world’s de facto standard", CLPA was established in November 2000. Ever since, the Board of Directors, Marketing Task Force and Technical Task Force have joined forces to help the vendors to develop compatible products and the users to build up open FA systems.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consisting of ten firms operates CLPA and decides on major association issues.

Task Force

Marketing Task Force

Focuses on increasing the number of CLPA members & products, enhancing global adoption and expanding the use of CC-Link.

Oversees a wide variety of promotional activities world wide, including fairs, conferences, seminars, advertising programs, social media and other activities.

Technical Task Force

Focuses on management of related technology and coordinates provision of information to members and outside standard-setting organizations.

Oversees the future technical development of CC-Link IE and CC-Link. Also develops specifications for conformance testing, network infrastructure and other vital technical guidance. These activities have been key to our networks becoming adopted globally.

  • CC-Link IE Controller Network Specification
    CC-Link IE
  • CC-Link cable installation guide
    CC-Link cable
  • Conformance test specification

CLPA Membership

Get the membership to CLPA. The members can develop business opportunities and possibilities by receiving services such as support for developing compatible products.

The member firms are entitled to obtain the most up-to-date technological information and CC-Link specifications for free. In addition, support for conformance tests that are essential to establishing reliability is available at various stages of developing compatible products.

About CLPA Membership