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About CLPA


  • 2024

    February 2024
    CC-Link Family compatible certified products exceeds 3,000 models.
  • 2021

    September 2021
    CLPA membership exceeds 4,000 companies (Breakdown: 880 domestic companies / 3178 foreign companies).
  • 2020

    November 2020
    CLPA's 20th anniversary.

    November 2020
    Analog Devices joins the CLPA Board of Directors
    Further acceleration of the adoption of CC-Link IE TSN with a leading multinational semiconductor company.

  • 2019

    September 2019
    CC-Link Family compatible certified products exceeds 2,000 models.
  • 2018

    November 2018
    Specifications released for CC-Link IE TSN

    April 2018
    Obtained legal entity
  • 2017

    June 2017
    CLPA membership exceeds 3,000 companies (Breakdown: 740 domestic companies / 2276 foreign companies).
  • 2016

    August 2016
    A new network mode in the CC-Link IE Ethernet-based integrated network, "CC-Link IE Field Network Basic" has newly joined the lineup.
    March 2016
    CLPC-Thailand branch opens
    February 2016
    CLPA-Mexico branch opens
  • 2015

    November 2015
    CLPA's 15th anniversary.

    May 2015
    Cisco Systems joins the CLPA Board of Directors
    Technological enhancement of the industrial IoT field
    *The logo is as of the time of joining the CLPA Board of Directors.

  • 2014

    October 2014
    Molex joins the CLPA Board of Directors
    Global giant in products related to industrial networks joins
    *The logo is as of the time of joining the CLPA Board of Directors.

    April 2014
    Fumihiko Kimura appointed as new Chairman
    Japan's leading expert in production system engineering and CAD / CAM

    March 2014
    CLPA-Turkey branch opens
    Dissemination activities take place in Turkey's rapidly growing manufacturing industry.

  • 2013

    October 2013
    CLPA membership exceeds 2,000 companies (Breakdown: 620 domestic companies / 1384 foreign companies).
    October 2013
    Balluff joins the CLPA Board of Directors
    Further globalization of the CLPA Board with the first European member.
    *The logo is as of the time of joining the CLPA Board of Directors.

  • 2012

    October 2012
    Specifications released for energy management communication function, enabling sophisticated energy monitoring.
    October 2012
    CLPA-India branch opens
    Responding to the development of manufacturing industry in India.

    October 2012
    Shanghai Electric Ryoden Technology joins the CLPA Board of Directors
    Strengthens the incorporation of Chinese market needs.

  • 2011

    April 2011
    Specifications released for CC-Link IE Field Safety Communication Function
    Support for safety-related communication over Ethernet.
  • 2010

    November 2010
    CLPA's 10th anniversary.

    November 2010
    Announcement of the concepts of “CC-Link IE Field Network Safety Communication Function” and “CC-Link IE Field Network Motion Function”.
    April 2010
    3M joins the CLPA Board of Directors
    Global giant in the cable/connector field joins

  • 2009

    November 2009
    Release of specifications for“CC-Link IE Field Network” and “SLMP (Seamless Message Protocol)”.
    Release of part 2 of the gigabit integrated network “CC-Link IE”. With the appearance of CC-Link IE Field, conventional serial based fieldbus networks move into the Ethernet domain.

    August 2009
    CC-Link Family compatible certified products exceeds 1,000 models.
    April 2009
    Cognex joins the CLPA Board of Directors
    Marks the beginning of globalization of the Board.

  • 2008

    March 2008
    CLPA membership exceeds 1,000 companies. Overseas partners make up approx. 60% of the total, with 436 domestic companies and 580 foreign companies.
    January 2008
    Release of specifications for “CC-Link IE Controller Network”.
    The unique gigabit backbone “CC-Link IE Controller Network”, supporting high bandwidth controller to controller communication, is released as part 1 of the integrated network “CC-Link IE”.

  • 2007

    November 2007
    Announcement of the concept of the integrated network “CC-Link IE”.
    Announcement of a unique gigabit Ethernet-based network which, while retaining all the openness/high-speed/high reliability features of CC-Link, can also achieve seamless integration of information from information systems up to the field level. This marks the opening of a new era in industrial networks.

    October 2007
    CC-Link IE Controller specification announced.
    Beginning of the promotion of Ethernet-based CC-Link networks.
  • 2006

    December 2006
    5th anniversary commemoration held in rapidly developing Shanghai by “CLPC China”, responsible for wider acceptance of CC-Link in China.

    November 2006
    Specifications for “CC-Link Safety” released.
    CC-Link Safety adds communication error detection functions to standard CC-Link specifications, resulting in a SIL 3 certified fieldbus. This opens the realm of safety applications to CLPA partners.

    June 2006
    First presence at the “Embedded Systems Expo & Conference (ESEC)”.
  • 2005

    November 2005
    CLPA's 5th anniversary.
    CLPA achieves all the goals set at its establishment: “700 companies, 700 models by its 5th anniversary”. 5th anniversary celebration events held with users and partners.

  • 2003

    December 2003
    Announcement of the concept of the “CC-link Safety”safety network - a new global trend.

    July 2003
    CLPA membership exceeds 500 companies (Breakdown: 253 domestic companies / 253 foreign companies).
  • 2002

    November 2002
    Announcement of CC-Link Ver. 2.0.
    “CC-Link Ver. 2.0” appeared, offering up to 8 times greater data capacity, supporting devices which handle large volumes of data. This was in response to the needs of applications requiring large-capacity deterministic data communication, typified by in-situ monitoring of the semiconductor manufacturing process.

    April 2002
    Announcement of CC-Link/LT.
    Launch of the sensor level “CC-Link/LT” network, which expands the cable-saving capabilities of CC-Link to the interior of machinery & equipment. Offers all aspects of the performance unique to CC-Link, such as openness, high speed, and high reliability.

  • 2001

    November 2001
    First exhibit at Japan's leading automation fair, the System Control Fair (SCF). CLPA has exhibited at SCF ever since.

    July 2001
    Conformance tests started.
    With the collaboration of the Kanagawa Industrial Technology Research Institute, Japan's first conformance tests are carried out. Conformance tests also carried out in China, South Korea, and North America.

    April 2001
    6 CLPA overseas bases successfully established.
    North America, Europe, Asia... Bases set up for the dissemination of CC-Link in various major manufacturing areas around the world. Exhibiting at major exhibitions in each region actively increases awareness of CC-Link.
  • 2000

    December 2000
    Exhibited at “SEMICON-Japan” - an exhibition of the world's top semiconductor manufacturing technology.
    November 2000
    Establishment of the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA).
    The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) was established by the 6 Foundation Partner companies as a third-party organization to advance the global acceptance of CC-Link.

    June 2000
    Mitsubishi Electric Corporation releases specifications for “CC-Link”.
    First step towards a fully open network.
  • 1996

    November 1996
    Mitsubishi Electric Corporation develops “CC-Link”.
    First introduced to the market as a semi-open network.