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MELSEC-Q Series CC-Link Master/Local Module QJ61BT11N

It is a master/local module for MELSEC-Q Series PLC.
The CC-Link connects the CPUs of various MELSEC Series PLCs within a single network.


  • These modules are available as master or local stations for CC-Link
  • CC-Link parameters can be set on the Parameter Setting screen of the programming software GX Works 2 for MELSEC
  • Setting a standby master station can maintain a data link even if there is something wrong with the regular master station. Additionally, a redundant function enables the master station to return to the system even during data link control at the standby master station in anticipation of the breakdown of the standby master station
  • High-speed communication is available in remote I/O network mode only when slave stations are remote I/O stations (Parameter setting is not required either)
Station type Master station,Local station
Number of stations occupied 1...4 stations (for local stations)
Protocol version 1.10,2.00
External dimensions 98 (H) × 27.4 (W) × 90 (D) [mm]
Mass 0.12 kg
Standard Price